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per tutti i Proprietari di Casa

A.I.P.I. has existed on the territory for many years and its main aim is to protect the interests of small property owners. It is coordinated by a managing team who has more than 20 years experience. Bearing in mind the main objectives of the association, the directors have understood the importance of the web and its fundamental role for property owners seeking advice and assistance.

The web and an online community are the new media used by AIPI to keep in touch with its members, a unique opportunity for thousands of citizens who meet daily on the network to find answers to their queries relating to the property sector.

A number of services offered in all the National territory through the Confederation of Small Property and a support network to help buy or sell properties abroad complete the framework of a lively and modern Association who understands property owners needs.

This is our way to be useful, close and easy to contact.